Divorce Records Search

Why Do A Divorce Records Search?
People search for divorce records for many different reasons. They may be researching their family history and a divorce records search can reveal information about a spouse and children that may be otherwise difficult to find. Another common reason to search for a divorce record is to confirm that the dissolution of marriage took place as well as where and when it occurred. An adult child may want to search for the divorce records of his or her parents or a person wishing to become involved with a new love interest may decide to do a dating background check.

Legally, proof of divorce is often required when remarrying or when applying for some types of benefits. A divorce records search is often done with the objective of finding the record and obtaining a certified copy. Certification in divorce records typically means the document copies are suitable for legal purposes.

Divorce Records Search

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Who Is Permitted To Search For Divorce Records?
Different states have different restrictions on who is permitted to search for divorce records. In many “Open Records” states, anyone with the small search fee required by law and a filled out request form may order searches for divorce records. In most “Closed Records” states, a divorce records search is limited to the persons named on the dissolution of marriage documents as well as members of their immediate families, in many cases. Authorized agencies and legal representatives may conduct divorce record searches in all states.

Free Divorce Records Search

In some states, a signed permission form by one of the individuals named on the divorce documents is required in order to allow a person not named on the document to search for the records. In other states, signed permission is not necessary, but a “statement of purpose” that the requestor of a divorce records search makes to specify the reason for his or her record searching is required. Some states don’t allow public divorce records searches until 50 years after the document dates, with only authorized agencies and legal representatives having access to the record, along with the persons named on it.

How To Do A Divorce Records Search
Divorce records are obtained from state offices, health departments and/or clerks of court depending on the state. In person divorce records search requests as well as those done through the mail or other methods such as phone or fax are often acceptable. Yet, the waiting time for the divorce records may be lengthy and extra costs are often required for expedited service.

By having an authorized divorce records search service, such as ours, obtain your official record for you, you can usually save a lot of time and hassle. Instant results for divorce records searches are even possible in many cases.

Simply fill in the secure, convenient form you see on this page to begin your divorce record search. Be sure that both names that appear on the divorce documents are spelled correctly. We obtain your divorce records from official sources in much less time that it would take you to do it as we are authorized vital record experts.