Free Divorce Records

What Are Free Divorce Records?
Free divorce records oftentimes means that the viewing of a dissolution of marriage record has no fee or that copies of the documents are available without any charge. For instance, in some state offices or archive centers, the general public may search divorce records. In most cases though, there is a small fee for having the records copied. In some states, there is also an hourly rate charged to view divorce records.

Most states must, by law, charge a fee not only for copies of divorce records, but for the search for the record. The law states that the fee for the search is non-refundable whether or not a divorce certificate or other document is found. There may be free divorce records available when restrictions have been lifted due to time. For example, some “Closed Records” states, have laws that after 50 years from the date on a divorce record, it is now available to the public with no charge involved.

Free Public Divorce Records

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Are Free Divorce Records Always The Best Option?
A free confirmation of a divorce record may be fine for your needs such as in a dating background check. If you are involved in a genealogical search in your family’s history and live near a state or archives office, an in person viewing of free divorce records may also meet your needs.

However, a certified copy of a divorce certificate is likely to be required if you need legal proof of your dissolution of marriage and these copies, and the records search itself, usually involve a small fee as stipulated by law in many states. If you are remarrying, applying for state benefits or are involved in a court settlement, you may require a certified divorce record copy.

The fees are small even if you can’t get totally free divorce records. Be sure to supply all of the information required so that the search for the divorce record you want is likely to be successful. Take care to ensure that both of the names on the divorce document are spelled correctly and include the case number, date and county where the dissolution of marriage occurred, if known.

What To Know When Requesting Free Divorce Records
Look for trustworthy divorce record providers online such as you’ll find on this website. We obtain official records and follow state laws to provide you with the divorce records you need. Untrustworthy online companies may promise you free divorce records then charge you anyway. Do not fall prey to hidden fees. Understand the laws.

Our extensive information on divorce records for each individual state will allow you to know what laws apply to record requests for which state. Some states have free verifications to confirm whether or not a divorce occurred, while others may charge $5 or more.

The majority of states have a very small fee that must accompany a divorce record request form that is completely filled out. To save time ordering by mail or waiting in person at the state office, or court clerk’s office, you can use our safe, convenient form on this page. .