Kansas Divorce Records

How To Access Kansas Divorce Records
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment maintains and issues certified copies of certificates from statewide divorces granted from July, 1951 to the present. Certificate copies of Kansas divorce records are also available from the county district courts. A Kansas divorce certificate includes the names of both parties, plus the dates of the marriage and dissolution of that marriage.

The county district courts, through the Clerk of Court office, typically issues not only divorce certificates, but also copies of decrees. A divorce decree is several pages long and contains settlement specifics, property and/or debt repayment division and other details of the court ruling on that particular dissolution of marriage case.

Kansas Divorce Decree

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Rather than experience long waits going through the state and court offices, many people today prefer the 24/7 instant convenience of accessing their official Kansas divorce records through a professional, online record service. As professional providers of Kansas divorce record information, we have simplified the process for you by providing a secure search box form that you can use right on this page to find the records you seek accurately and efficiently.

Contact And Fee Information For Kansas Divorce Records
Currently, the fee set by the state office for a copy of Kansas divorce records is $15. By Kansas law, the fee is non-refundable if the record is not found as the cost applies to the search itself, but still includes the certificate for records that are located. To ensure accuracy in your Kansas divorce record search, be sure that both names that appear on the dissolution of marriage documents are spelled correctly.

We can help you find the Kansas divorce record you are looking for when you fill out the search box on this page. As authorized vital record information providers, we obtain official Kansas divorce records from district courts in all counties from Allen to Wyandotte as well as everywhere in between, including Ellis, Haskell, McPherson, Phillips, Sedgwick and Trego. We also get your official divorce records from:

Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Curtis State Office Building, Suite 120
1000 SW Jackson
Topeka, KS 66612-2221
Phone: (785) 296-1400

Divorce Records And Kansas Law
As Kansas is a “Closed Records” state, divorce records are considered confidential information. While some American states with laws preventing divorce records to be accessible by the public do have informational as well as certified copies of dissolution of marriage documents available for issue, Kansas does not. Informational divorce record copies are not printed on official paper and not able to be used legally such as proof of dissolution of marriage.

Certified Kansas divorce records are usually accepted for use as legal proof of divorces or for identification for government benefits. By state law, the small search fee covers a 5 year range. In other words, when you are ordering a Kansas divorce record and do not know the exact date of the dissolution of marriage, you may use a 5 year range. Just get started with the simple, secure search box form right on this page today for the best accuracy and results for Kansas divorce records