Marriage And Divorce Records

Reasons For Accessing Marriage And Divorce Records
People wish to access marriage and divorce records for many different reasons. Sometimes, it may be to confirm that the event occurred, while in other situations, proof of marriage or divorce may be required for legal purposes. Still other reasons for searching for a marriage or divorce record may be to fill in missing pieces of a family’s history in a genealogical search or to do a dating background check.

Requesting copies of your own marriage or divorce record can be a good idea too just to be sure the information is correct. If it is not, you can then get it corrected before the time comes when you may need legal proof of a marriage or divorce, then suffer delays due to incorrect information on your records.

Divorce Records

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How To Find Marriage And Divorce Records
State health offices and/or courthouses typically maintain and issue copies of marriage and divorce records. They may offer in person viewing of records and ordering of record copies, but this is not possible for everyone. If you do not live near a courthouse or government office in which to access the marriage or divorce record you need, searching online through a professional, records service provider is a better and more popular option.

Divorce Records

It is also typically much faster than mail order which often takes several weeks. We offer a secure, accurate system to help you locate the marriage and divorce records you are looking for online — simply fill in the search box you see on this page to get started. We understand the laws and sources to help find the official marriage or divorce record you seek both quickly and effectively.

Tips For Locating Marriage And Divorce Records
Be sure to spell both names on the marriage or divorce record correctly to ensure an accurate search. All states have different laws and procedures that relate to who may access marriage and divorce records and when. “Closed records” states often limit the retrieval of marriage and divorce record documents to the persons named on the document. The immediate family members of these persons may also be permitted to request a copy of the record depending on the state.

In some states, informational copies of marriage and divorce records are issued to persons not qualifying for certified copies. Keep in mind that if you request one of these copies, it is unlikely that you will be able to use it for court or identification purposes such as legal proof of marriage or divorce.

Be wary of websites that are too heavy on the promise “free marriage or divorce records” since virtually all states require a small fee for record copies by law. As authorized, professional providers of marriage and divorce records, we provide you with the trustworthy, direct information you need to find the record you want.

By using the safe, quick search box system on this page, we can help you with the laws and policies for requesting and finding a marriage or divorce record in the state in which the event occurred.