Public Divorce Records

Types Of Public Divorce Records
Depending on the state, the types of public divorce records that may be available for viewing and/or copying are decrees, certificates and coupons. Within those categories are certified and informational divorce record copies. Some states only offer certified copies of divorce records, while others also have informational copy options.

Informational divorce record versions are not legally admissible for identification or other lawful purposes. Informational public divorce records are designed to provide basic information such as the divorced couple’s names and the date and place the dissolution of marriage took place. Informational divorce record copies are issued to to persons not eligible to request certified copies. Certified copies of divorce records are usually admissible as legal proof of the dissolution of marriage.

Divorce Decree Public Records

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Divorce coupons are located on the bottom part of the certificate and are removable — hence the name “coupon.” The certificate and coupon form one page of limited information about where and when the divorce occurred. A divorce decree includes several pages outlining a court’s ruling about the rights and responsibilities of each party. It will include the case number and the terms of the dissolution of marriage agreement.

Reasons To Access Public Divorce Records
Public divorce records are requested for many reasons. In “Open Records” states, the public may want to access divorce records out of curiosity such as or for a project they are compiling. Mainly though, genealogical research, dating background checks and legal or family confirmation of divorce form the majority of reasons for a public divorce record search.

An adult child living in a state where immediate family members may request copies of divorce records, may want to confirm or know about the details of his or her parents’ dissolution of marriage. A person preparing to remarry may be required by state law to have a certified copy of his or her divorce record. In some cases, legal proof of divorce is needed in order to receive benefits or to proceed in a settlement case in court.

How To Access Public Divorce Records
The best way to access public divorce records is typically through a professional record provider service online such as this one. We obtain official divorce records for every state much quicker than you would have to wait by ordering the same record from the state office or court clerk. Due to our industry status, we are often even able to provide instant access to public divorce records for all states.

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