Rhode Island Divorce Records

How To Access Rhode Island Divorce Records

The main location of Rhode Island divorce records is in the Clerk of Family Court in Providence. These records are obtained for many reasons. For instance, an adult child may be searching for information about his or her parents’ Rhode Island divorce. In another common scenario, one of the parties named on the divorce record may want to verify whether the dissolution of marriage was properly recorded in the county court in which the event took place.

It’s crucial to make sure all of your official records are recorded accurately, so that you are aware of any errors that require correcting. If they are not corrected, it could affect the legal proof of divorce you may need or your use of these records for identification purposes. A certified copy of a divorce record may be required as identification for securing government benefits or as legal proof when applying for a marriage certificate.

Rhode Island Divorce Decree

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Rather than spend time going through the Clerk of Family Court yourself, we, as authorized, professional providers of official Rhode Island divorce records, can help you gain instant access to your record. Just follow our secure search boxes on this page. We are dedicated to helping you have quick, accurate access to the exact Rhode Island divorce record you’re seeking.

Contact And Fee Information For Rhode Island Divorce Records
We only work with official sources such as Rhode Island courts and state offices to obtain your vital records. Rather than potentially wait several weeks or more to get your divorce record mailed from these sources yourself, or have to go out of your way to visit the state office in person, our professional Rhode Island records provider status allows you to receive the information you want within minutes, in many cases.

The fee for the records search, that includes a copy of the certificate if it is found, will vary depending on the county, but the amount is small. The fee is non-refundable by law, since it applies to the search itself whether or not the divorce certificate is located on file.

We obtain Rhode Island divorce records officially from:
Clerk of Family Court
Office of VRS
1 Dorrance Plaza
Providence, RI 02903

Divorce Records And Rhode Island Law
Under Rhode Island law, a small fee for the search for certificates relating to vital records, including those for divorce, must be paid by the requestor before services can be provided. Information such as the names of both persons on Rhode Island divorce records must also be supplied by the requestor. The county in which the dissolution of marriage occurred as well as the date the divorce was granted should also accompany the records request, if this information is known. If you are requesting a Rhode Island divorce record and do not know the exact date the dissolution of marriage was granted, it is usually best to give a time span of five years, if this is possible.