South Carolina Divorce Records

South Carolina Divorce Records are concrete proof of someone’s historical background. Whether he or she is a changed person at present the records in the past can help you decide today. Divorce documents are sought for a number of reasons. People search for them to know if their partner has indeed revealed the truth that he or she never got married or divorced before. Police authorities or lawyers on the other hand would utilize such files for court proceedings and other serious matters.

To get started with the search, the place to visit to for the reports is the State Division of Vital Record’s office where divorce files from July 1962 up to present have been diligently updated and kept. Cost per copy is $12. At the county level, people may obtain records since 1949 from the Clerk of Court where the petition was filed and granted. The law has been very strict to not allow just anyone to obtain the reports. Only the separating couple, their adult children, present or previous spouse and lawyer will have the authority to request them. Anybody else may only ask to confirm if the divorce took place in South Carolina, including the date and county of occurrence.

South Carolina Divorce Decree

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Upon making the request, you need to have the basic information of the party involved like the complete names of the divorced individuals, the place and date of the incident, your relationship with the separated couple and your purpose for conducting the search. Normally, it can be done through visiting the office in person emailing, or calling over the phone. An admin fee would be required for the services.

Going through the stock of paper files can be a tedious job to do. Also, on the part of the person who does the search may find the whole process to be very time consuming. Luckily, everybody gets the benefit of modern computerization and the Internet nowadays. The result is instant without a hassle. Plus, it’s a do-it-yourself online procedure where you can have what you need in no time. Nothing matters most in performing South Carolina Divorce Records check than doing it on the web for a very affordable service fee. A 100% legit site which offers money-back guarantee indicates a great deal for your purpose.