Tennessee Divorce Records

How To Access Tennessee Divorce Records
The Tennessee Department of Health, Office of Vital Records maintains and issues statewide divorce records. Tennessee divorce records have limited access that includes the individuals named on the documents, members of their immediate families and those with legal authorization. You may want to access your own record of your Tennessee divorce to make sure that it is accurate. If it is not, you must have it corrected or you may not be able to legally remarry. A certified copy of a divorce record is usually required in order to be issued another marriage license.

The Office of Vital Records in Nashville accepts both mail order and walk in requests for Tennessee divorce records. Request forms are available from the Office of Vital Records. Showing government issued ID with your signature on it is necessary in order to access your divorce records in person. If you are mailing in a request, a photocopy of this identification must be included and it has to be legible.

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Contact And Fee Information For Tennessee Divorce Records

The current fee for a certified copy of a Tennessee divorce certificate is $15. Each additional copy of the same certificate requested at the same time is $5. These fees are non-refundable as they apply to the search whether or not a record is located. If the Tennessee divorce records are found, a certified copy will be issued. If they are not located, a “Certificate of Failure to Find” will be issued instead.

Cash payment of fees are accepted for in person orders, but not for mail in divorce records requests. A check or money order should be made payable to Tennessee Vital Records. You should allow at least 2 weeks processing time when mailing in your request for a Tennessee divorce record. If you need the record sooner and aren’t able to go to the Nashville Vital Records office in person, you can call (615) 741-1763 to ask about expedited delivery for an additional fee.

Tennessee Department of Health
Office of Vital Records
1st Floor, Central Services Building
421 Fifth Ave., North
Nashville, TN 37243

Phone: (615) 741-1763
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am – 4pm
Tuesday and Thursday 8am – 6pm

Divorce Records And Tennessee Law
Divorce records are not considered as public information in Tennessee. Therefore, obtaining copies of Tennessee divorce records is mainly only possible for the individuals named on the documents and members of their immediate family. A court order or an authorized agency may also request a Tennessee divorce record belonging to another person if they have the legal right to do so.

According to Tennessee law, the appropriate fee must be received by the state office before record request services can be fulfilled. The required information, such as your contact data as requestor of Tennessee divorce records as well as the full names of the individuals on the documents, must also be included before services can be provided. As a surprisingly affordable alternative to doing all of the steps listed here yourself, using an online divorce record search service, like you will find on this website, can be a time saving solution.