Utah Divorce Records

How To Access Utah Divorce Records

Certified copies of Utah divorce records are issued from the Department of Health, Office of Vital Records and Statistics. There are many reasons why a person may want to access a certified copy of a divorce record in Utah. Many people like to do this for their personal records to make sure everythng is correct and up to date. An error in a state vital record that remains uncorrected by you may cause problems for you later if you are trying to obtain government benefits or show proof of divorce in order to apply for a future marriage certificate.

As an authorized provider of divorce records in Utah, we are providing a user-friendly, secure searching service right here to help you find the exact official record you need.

Utah Divorce Decree

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Contact And Fee Information For Utah Divorce Records

Fees for Utah divorce records are currently set at $16 by the Office of Vital Records and Statistics. Additional copies of the same certificate ordered at the same time are priced at $8. Divorce certificates in Utah are issued for divorces from 1978 to the present. The fee applies to the search in accordance with the law and is non-refundable whether or not the divorce record is found. If the record is located, the fee includes a certified copy of the record.

As a super-fast alternative to waiting weeks for snail mail or having to visit the state office in person in Salt Lake City, simply fill out the search boxes you see on this page to obtain your official divorce record data. With the Internet so popular these days, we find that as an authorized provider of official Utah divorce records, people just like you appreciate our service. Just let our convenient, secure search boxes guide you quickly in this easy process.

There is no need to limit yourself to regular office hours as you can start your search for the exact Utah divorce record you are looking for anytime online right here 24/7.

We obtain Utah divorce records officially from:

Utah Department of Health
Office of Vital Records and Statistics
PO Box 141012
288 North 1460 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1012

Divorce Records And Utah Law

Under Utah law, access to divorce records is limited to mainly the persons named on the certificate, members of their immediate families and their legal representatives. Otherwise, it may be necessary to apply for Utah divorce record access through a letter on business letterhead stating why a copy of the document is needed. We can guide you in going through the correct legal procedures.

We provide a private, secure and hassle-free way to access your own, or a relative’s, divorce records in Utah. So, don’t wait for snail mail or go out of your way to get to the state office in Salt Lake City. We can offer you the same official records obtained from the same official sources in a much faster, more convenient way. Try out the user-friendly search boxes you see now to access the exact divorce record you’re seeking.