Virginia Divorce Records

How To Access Virginia Divorce Records
The Virginia Department of Health, Division of Vital Records, has both mail in and walk in service for the issuance of divorce certificates as it is the main state repository for these records. Typically, same day service is available from this office in person and 4 -6 weeks processing time is needed for mail orders. Expedited mail orders are usually available for an extra fee.

Due to state privacy laws, Virginia divorce records are not considered public information until 50 years after the date on the record. This makes access to divorce records in Virginia easily accessible only to the persons named on the documents, their immediate family and agencies or individuals authorized by law to request the information. Depending on the circumstances, you may or may not be able to access another person’s Virginia divorce records with a signed letter of permission from one of the individuals named on the document.

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Contact And Fee Information For Virginia Divorce Records
Requests for Virginia divorce certificates can be made using the official application form available from the Division of Vital Records, or with a signed letter that includes the required information. Valid photo ID must be shown for in person requests, while a legible copy of this identification must accompany mail orders. The full names of both individuals named on Virginia divorce records must be given. It’s important to make sure when requesting divorce records that the names are spelled correctly to avoid inaccurate search results.

Your relationship to the persons on the divorce documents must be stated in your request for a certificate. You must also state the reason you’re requesting the record and include your name as well as your contact information. A daytime phone number must be included in a records request. If your name is not on the original Virginia divorce record, or you are not an immediate family member of either individual, you will need to have legally recognized authorization to access the certificate. You must be sure to sign the application form or records request letter.

Virginia divorce certificate fees are currently $12. A check or money order for the correct fee should be made payable to the State Health Department. A $30 charge applies if a check is returned. Cash is not accepted through the mail for Virginia divorce records, but cash is currently acceptable for walk in certificate requests. Credit or debit cards are presently not accepted for either in person or mail orders.

For in person Virginia divorce records requests:
Virginia Department of Health
Division of Vital Records
2001 Maywill St.
Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: (804) 662-6200
Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 4:45pm
Saturday – 8am – noon (Phone first to be sure.)