Where To Find Divorce Records

Each specific state, province or territory of a country typically maintains and issues copies of divorce records either through a government health or statistics office or in the courthouses. Some areas have both options of where to find divorce records. For example, a region may have divorce records available from early years in one location and later years, including the present year, in another.

Viewing vital records, including divorce versions, is possible in some state offices, but of course this method of where to find divorce records will only be suitable to people living near the government or courthouse office. Even ordering through the mail or other offline methods is not favored by many people looking for divorce records today as typically the waiting times are long and the request forms detailed.

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Online Divorce Records Sources
A popular, more modern answer to the question of where to find divorce records is through online record providers. Searching for divorce records online through a secure, professional divorce record provider such as this website you are on right now, allows instant access to vital records in many cases. Plus, there is no need to stand in line, wait weeks for divorce records to come in the mail or work within certain hours. You can search for specific divorce records from anywhere — day or night.

As an authorized, professional provider of divorce records online, we have a simple form designed for accuracy in helping you find the exact record you seek. We also understand the laws and sources of where to find divorce records to make your search experience with us informative as well as effective. Just fill out the search box you see on this page to get started.

Tips For Finding Divorce Records
To ensure accuracy when searching for divorce records, check the spelling of both names that appear on the dissolution of marriage document. Also include the specific county or district rather than simply the state, province or territory when requesting a divorce record search — if you know this information. Also helpful is the case number on divorce documents as well as the date when the dissolution of marriage was granted.

Keep in mind the type of record you are looking for when you want to know where to find divorce records. If you simply want to confirm that a divorce occurred or wish to have copies for your own records, informational copies may suit your needs. Informational copies of divorce records are not available in all countries or areas, but in many of them and are not printed on official paper to be used for legal purposes.

Certified copies on the other hand, are printed on official paper and are made to be presented in court or for use as identification such as to apply for government benefits in some cases. It’s always best to consider your purpose in requiring copies of divorce records before you obtain them.

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