Wyoming Divorce Records

How To Access Wyoming Divorce Records
The Wyoming Department of Health, Vital Statistics Services, maintains and issues certified copies of divorce certificates. This state office also functions as the main body for implementing corrections on vital record information, including Wyoming divorce records. By accessing your own divorce record, you can then be sure that your information is correct or go through the process of correcting it if it is not. If you do not access your own divorce record, and assume it is correct when it may not be, this may cause you delays later on if you apply for government benefits or a future marriage license.

As authorized providers of Wyoming divorce records, we can offer results in minutes, in many cases. Our online service means you can access your official Wyoming divorce record without having to go out of your way to visit the state office in person or wait weeks for snail mail delivery. Using our safe, professional search box system, starting right on this page, means you get a quick, but accurate guide through the process of obtaining official Wyoming divorce records 24/7.

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Contact And Fee Information For Wyoming Divorce Records
The fees for certified copies of Wyoming divorce records are currently $13 per copy. According to Wyoming law, the fee is non-refundable whether or not a record of the divorce is found, as it applies to the search. If the divorce record is located, the fee includes one certified copy. When requesting a certified copy of your divorce record, you will need to supply both full names on the document, plus the Wyoming county in which the dissolution of marriage was granted as well as the date, if known.

If you do not know the exact date the divorce occurred, supplying a five year range is usually considered to be the best option. Also make sure that both names of the individuals on the divorce documents are spelled correctly and include any alternate or maiden name used by either person.

We obtain Wyoming divorce records officially from:
Wyoming Department of Health
Vital Statistics Services
2300 Capitol Ave., Hathaway Building
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Divorce Records And Wyoming Law
In Wyoming, all vital records, including birth, death, marriage and divorce documents, are first registered with the registrar in the county where the event occurred. Then, Wyoming vital records are filed in the state office. As Wyoming is not an “Open Records” state, public access to Wyoming divorce records, and other vital record documents, is not permitted. State law holds that until 50 years after the date on a vital records certificate, the records do not become open to the public. Before the 50 year mark, only the parties named on the document or a lawyer representing either party may obtain the record.

Our safe, legal online search system can guide you through the process of obtaining your official Wyoming divorce record the easy, hassle-free way. As authorized providers of Wyoming divorce records, we have provided this system for your convenience. Just follow the prompts in a search box you see on this page to get started. In many cases, access to an official state record takes only minutes!