Divorce Records

Almost everyone will eventually have a need or desire to search through public divorce records. You’ll likely want to engage a search site that will take the hassle away from searching through millions of records to find the information you need. The Freedom of Information Act, enacted in 1966 is a law that gives every citizen the right to search through public records. Each state may have restrictions on how much you can discover in the search, but basically, you now have online access to most vital records in every state.

Public records such as marriage, divorce, birth and death are usually recorded in the vital records department of the state in which the event took place. Some states require that you state a reason why you want the record and some charge a fee for the search.

Public Divorce Records

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Online public divorce records contain one of the largest information databases, so it’s sometimes a daunting task to plow through them and find the information you want or need. There are many reasons why you might need or desire

  • Background CheckYou may have doubts about a person’s sincerity – either for employment or personal reasons. Information about that person’s background can sometimes be located in a state’s divorce records and can be very effective in proving the person’s claims right or wrong.
  • Legal IssuesDivorce records contain information that might be helpful if you have legal issues to contend with. For example, your ex-spouse may have acquired loan or credit cards after the divorce was granted, but that may appear on your credit report. You’ll likely be asked for a copy of the decree so that the credit bureau can take the erroneous information off of your record.
  • RemarriageIf you’re planning to remarry, you’ll often be asked to produce a copy of a previous divorce decree. The decree will show if and when the divorce was finalized and provide details of the divorce, such as child custody, settlements and alimony issues.
  • Background CheckYou may be affected by terminating a marriage if you are an immigrant who achieved permanent residence by marrying a United States citizen. Immigration is a very complicated issue and you may need a copy of a divorce decree to help interpret your status, if it is questionable.
  • Child CustodyDivorce decrees become very important documents when a divorce has occurred and child custody, visitation and child support issues are at stake. Some schools may require that you prove custody before letting you admit the children – and doctors may also want to verify that you’re the custodial parent.
  • Genealogical ResearchSearching through records to find out more about your family tree has become a popular endeavor, and divorce records can furnish many details that could be important to your search.

Public divorce records can be searched by an online, fee-based search service that will remove the hassles involved in personally searching through thousands of records recorded by the state. A small fee can perform the search in mere minutes and provide a report without revealing your identity. Click on the link to find out how an online search service can help you find public divorce records.