Guam Divorce Records

How To Access Guam Divorce Records
The Superior Court of Guam, Office of Vital Statistics at the Guam Judicial Center, has divorce records from October 16, 1901 to the present. As a territory belonging to the United States, the island of Guam has its policies and laws pertaining to the request and retrieval of divorce records in accordance with US regulations. However, these particulars vary for all US states and territories and Guam divorce records also have some unique stipulations.

For instance, in addition to the Superior Court of Guam keeping and issuing divorce records, these documents may also usually be accessed from the Federal Records Center (FRC) which has offices throughout the United States. Since the Superior Court Office of Vital statistics that issues Guam divorce records is connected with the Department of Public Health, another way to access a divorce record could be through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Guam Divorce Decree

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The easiest and most convenient way to access a Guam divorce record though, is through a professional, online records search service such as ours. When you fill out our secure search box for Guam divorce records right on this page, we will then be able to determine the fastest official source to obtain the record you seek. The results are even instant in many Guam divorce record search cases, so make sure to fill out the form immediately.

Fees And Contact Information For Guam Divorce Records
We obtain official Guam divorce records and/or record information from these sources:

Clerk, Superior Court of Guam
Guam Judicial Center
Office of Vital Statistics
Department of Public Health and Social Services
120 W. O’Brien Dr.
PO Box 2816
Hagatna, GU MI 96910

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Island of Guam
1600 Clifton Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30333, USA

Federal Records Centers:

  • California
    San Francisco/San Bruno (650) 238-3500
    Riverside/Perris (951) 956-2000
  • Colorado
    Denver (303) 407-5700
  • Georgia
    Atlanta/Ellenwood (404) 736-2820
  • Chicago (773) 948-9000
  • Kansas
    Lenexa (913) 563-7600
  • Massachusetts
    Boston/Waltham (781) 663-0130
    Pittsfield (413) 236-3609
  • Missouri
    Lee’s Summit (816) 268-8100
    St. Louis (314) 801-0800
  • Ohio
    Dayton (937) 425-0600
    Kingsridge (937) 425-0690
  • Pennsylvania
    Philadephia (215) 305-2000
  • Texas
    Fort Worth (817) 551-2000
  • Washington
    Seattle (206) 336-5115

Fees for Guam divorce records vary depending on the specific court in which the dissolution of marriage was granted. The current Federal Records Center fee is $45 per document.

Divorce Records And Guam Law
A divorce decree is required as legal proof of a dissolution of marriage in Guam. This legal proof is likely to be needed when applying for government benefits or to remarry. A divorce decree is generally several pages long, unlike a certificate that is usually only one page. The decree gives the details of the court ruling in a divorce and not just certificate style information such as the county where the dissolution of marriage was granted and the date. Guam divorce records in the form of decrees outline the rights and responsibilities of each of the two parties. Terms relating to property and custody as will as support and the division of debt repayment are typically included in a divorce decree.

Viewing divorce decrees in person is possible in Guam in the court in which the dissolution of marriage was granted. If a copy of Guam divorce records in the form of a decree is required though, it’s typically at least several weeks of processing time involved, so many people prefer to order the record they’re searching for online. As professional, authorized, Guam divorce record providers, we can often offer instant results. Just fill out the secure, convenient search box form right on this page to get started now.