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How To Access Iowa Divorce Records
The Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of Health Statistics office in Des Moines does not maintain or issue divorce records. Instead, the county courts that issued the Iowa dissolution of marriage will also have the divorce record.. Divorces began being officially recorded in the state in 1906, but some counties may even have records as old as 1880. Persons wanting Iowa divorce records for family history purposes may want to search the older dates, but the state also has divorce records on file right up to the present time.

It is a good idea to have a copy of your divorce record for your own personal information to ensure it reads correctly. If any of the information recorded on your divorce document is not correct, it may cause you delays in getting remarried or in collecting government benefits due to a lack of legal proof of your dissolution of marriage. As authorized providers of Iowa divorce records, we can help guide you quickly to find the exact information and record you need. Simply get started using the secure, convenient search box form right on this page.

Iowa Divorce Decree

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Contact And Fee Information For Iowa Divorce Records
Our search box system will direct you to Iowa divorce record information from all counties from Adair to Wright and everywhere in between, including Butler, Dubuque, Hamilton, Mahaska, Potta wattamie and Van Buren. We help you obtain the official Iowa divorce records you are searching for from:

Iowa Clerk of the Supreme Court
Judicial Branch Building
111 East Court Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50319
Phone: (515) 281-5241

The fees for copies of an Iowa divorce record vary depending on the particular county, but the costs are kept small through state laws. These nominal costs are non-refundable and include a copy of the divorce record if it is found, but if not, the small fee applies to the search itself.

State office hours are 8am – 4:30pm Monday through Friday, but with our online Iowa divorce record search box system, you can access the records you are looking for any day, at any time, in any location. Just get started now by filling in the box you see on this page — it’s the fast, easy and affordable way to find Iowa divorce records!

Divorce Records And Iowa Law
Iowa divorce record laws are outlined in the Iowa Code in Chapter 598. One of the important details that the Chapter goes into is the name change laws affected by divorce. In Iowa, if your married name is not changed back after your divorce is granted, it may be illegal for you to use your maiden name, or the name you had immediately before marriage. If you wish to change your married name to something other than your maiden name or the name you had immediately before marriage, then Chapter 598.37 pertaining to Iowa divorce records will not apply. You will have to follow the standard name change procedure under Iowa law.

Having a copy of your Iowa divorce record can help you check to be sure that your name is correctly included as well as the accurate date and place the dissolution of marriage was granted. We can guide you quickly, 24/7, to help you find the divorce record in Iowa that you are looking for — just fill in the fast, secure search box on this page right now.