Mississippi Divorce Records

How To Access Mississippi Divorce Records
The Mississippi State Department of Health, Vital Records, does not issue divorce records, but can only verify whether a record is on file statewide. The verification can only be given per five year range of when the divorce was likely to have occurred. The divorce date for a verification must be included in the timelines between July, 1926 – June 30, 1938 and January 1, 1942 to the present.

For divorces that occurred in Mississippi outside of those dates, the records will be filed with the Chancery Clerk in the county in which the marriage dissolution was granted. Mississippi divorce records, in the form of certified copies, are also accessed through Chancery Clerks offices in the the county where the dissolution of marriage was granted.

In Mississippi, anyone is eligible to request and receive copies of divorce records. In this state there are various reasons to request a divorce record or verification such as to have for personal records or to use in a dating background check. Certified copies of Mississippi divorce records may be required as legal proof of dissolution of marriage as well as lawful identification in applying for government benefits.

Mississippi Divorce Decree

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Whether you are searching for your own official Mississippi divorce record, or another person’s, as authorized, professional records providers, we guide you easily through the process of obtaining an official divorce record. Just fill out the safe, secure search boxes you see on this page.

Contact And Fee Information For Mississippi Divorce Records
For a five year verification of a Mississippi divorce, the state Vital Records office’s fee is $6 each. You must include a five year range in which the divorce you are confirming was likely to have been granted. If you do know the exact date, as well as the Mississippi county in which this dissolution of marriage occurred, make sure to supply this information in your verification request.

You should keep in mind that a confirmation or verification of the divorce alone is neither legal proof of dissolution of marriage nor offficial ID. In cases where Mississippi divorce records are needed for identification reasons, such as to obtain government benefits, or as legal proof of dissolution of marriage in order to be issued a marriage license, a certified copy of the original certificate is usually required. Use the search boxes on this page to apply safely for a certified copy of your official divorce record now.

We obtain Mississippi divorce records from all county Chancery Clerk’s offices from Adams to Yazoo and work within the guidelines set by:
Mississippi State Department of Health
Vital Records
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(601) 576-7450 (recorded information)

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Divorce Records And Mississippi Law
Anyone is eligible to request Mississippi divorce records, as, by law, they are considered public information. In order to receive the most accurate and comprehensive results possible, be sure to include the correctly spelled, full names of both parties on the divorce certificate as well as the county name and date of the dissolution of marriage, if known.

If the record of the divorce is found, you will have the date and location of the event as well as other data relating to the history of the marriage. The marriage details will vary in degree though, depending on the year, and recording procedure, of individual Mississippi courts. Use our secure, super-quick search boxes right on this page to access the exact Mississippi divorce record you need