Montana Divorce Records

How To Access Montana Divorce Records
The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Office of Vital Statistics, does not issue certified copies of divorce records. This state office only provides a verification search for a divorce thought to have been granted in Idaho. Certified copies of Montana divorce records are available from the clerk’s office in the county in which the dissolution of marriage occurred.

A popular, time-saving alternative to tracking down the county court that granted the divorce in order to get an Idaho divorce record, is to use a professional records provider service online. We are qualified, authorized professionals who deliver Idaho divorce records promptly to people just like you. By filling out our simple, secure form right here on this page, it’s easy to get started on getting the official Idaho records you need. Our hassle-free search box system is designed to provide you with the most accurate Idaho divorce record results possible.

Montana Divorce Decree

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Contact And Fee Information For Montana Divorce Records
We obtain your official Idaho divorce records from all counties from Anaconda/Deer Lodge to Yellowstone and every county in between including Chouteau, Golden Valley, Lincoln, Powder River, Silver Bow and Teton. The fee charged by Montana law will depend on each specific county. We use this official source for your records. :

Montana Statewide Court Records
PO Box 203005
Helena, MT 59620-3005
Phone: (406) 444-2621

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You may want to conduct a search to complete your family history information or to verify when or where a divorce occurred in Montana. Some people searching for Montana divorce record information are doing so for a dating background check or just for their own records.

Divorce Records And Montana Law
Since Montana is basically an “Open Records” state, divorce record information is open to anyone as long as the dissolution of marriage took place in the state. Usually, no reason for requesting Montana divorce records is needed under state law. The state of Montana is mainly concerned that divorce records not be used for enterprise property such as mailing lists rather than by people searching for dissolution of marriage information. To accurately access your Montana divorce record, make sure that both names on the divorce document are spelled correctly.

Copies of divorce decrees are available in Montana. Decrees are court rulings that specify the terms of the divorce. Rights, responsibilities and rulings pertaining to custody or support may be included in decree types of Montana divorce records. A decree also includes the docket or case number as well as the names of both parties, plus the county where the divorce was granted. We are experts are locating Idaho divorce decrees and other official dissolution of marriage documents. Get started on the handy search box and let us guide you to quickly locating the official Idaho divorce record you need.