New Hampshire Divorce Records

The New Hampshire Department of State, Division of Vital Records Administration, has certified copies of divorce records. To access your New Hampshire divorce record through the state office, you will need to fill out an application and mail it with your fee payment and a legible photocopy of your government issued, photo ID. The Clerk’s Office in the court in the city or town where the dissolution of marriage was granted can also be reached to obtain New Hampshire divorce records.

How To Access New Hampshire Divorce Records
A faster, more immediate option is to access the convenient search boxes on this page to obtain your legal divorce records for any of the 234 New Hampshire counties. You will receive accurate, official results for your divorce record in New Hampshire in just minutes.

Contact And Fee Information For New Hampshire Divorce Records
The fee for a certified copy of a New Hampshire divorce record set by the Division of Vital Records is currently $15. Each additional copy of the same record requested at the same time is priced at $10. You must state the number of copies of New Hampshire divorce records that you are requesting. By law, the fee applies to the search whether or not the record is found and it is non-refundable. For the most accurate divorce record search results, make sure that both names are spelled correctly. Enjoy secure New Hampshire divorce record ordering with our convenient search box system.

New Hampshire Divorce Decree

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You should include the date the divorce was granted as well as in what town, city or county when you are requesting New Hampshire divorce records. Your name, mailing address, phone number and email address must also be included in your divorce records request. In New Hampshire, you, as the requestor of a divorce certificate, must also include your reason for requesting the document a well as state your relationship to the persons named on the dissolution of marriage. We can walk you through each step of the New Hampshire divorce record request process the fast way – just follow our secure, easy to use search boxes right on this page.

We source your New Hampshire divorce records from:
New Hampshire Department of State
Division of Vital Records Administration
71 S Fruit St.
Concord, NH 03301-2410

Divorce Records And New Hampshire Law
Law, RSA 5-C:10, in New Hampshire holds that a fee must be paid in order to access vital records such as birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates. These nominal fees are non-refundable whether or not New Hampshire divorce records are located, since the costs apply to the search. Under New Hampshire law, RSA 5-C:14, it is a Class B felony to knowingly give false statements in vital records requests. Applications with the required information given to the best of the requestor’s knowledge will be processed as long as a fee and any required identification is supplied. Make sure your New Hampshire divorce request application is complete by following our user-friendly search box system now.