Oklahoma Divorce Records

Access to your Oklahoma divorce records can be an important part of a background check on yourself. If you don’t conduct a self background check to verify your records, errors that others may see if they are doing background checking on you are likely to go unnoticed. These mistakes may even cause you problems in future marriages or in dating background checks conducted on you by others. In Oklahoma, divorce records are typically accessible to anyone to request except those dissolution of marriage documents prohibited by a court order.

How To Access Oklahoma Divorce Records
Divorce record requests may be able to be verified by by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Vital Records Service, but in many cases dissolution of marriage documents are only handled through the county courts. You may need to access Oklahoma divorce records by contacting the court office of the county in which the dissolution of marriage was granted. If you are not sure of the particular county, telephone the Vital Records Service for more information.

Oklahoma Divorce Decree

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Contact And Fee Information for Oklahoma Divorce Records
Visiting the Clerk of Courts office in the county in which the Oklahoma divorce was granted is the required method of viewing dissolution of marriage records. It’s a good idea to telephone the office first as not all Clerk of Courts offices keep the same public hours. As you will need the assistance of a court representative to help you access Oklahoma divorce records for viewing, this service may only be available on certain days and times during the week.

Anyone is able to view the records and the fees vary per county. Typically though, the only charge is for photocopying. Once you pay the appropriate fee to the court representative, he or she will provide you with the copies of the divorce records you would like to have. Usually you must view the records in a security controlled room before getting to the photocopying stage of your visit.

Before viewing Oklahoma divorce records at a Clerk of Courts office, you should find out what information is required from you to access the documents. Typically, you must know the year of the divorce, or as close to it as possible, as well as both full names of the persons on the dissolution of marriage document. Be sure that the spelling is correct to avoid wasting time or getting an inaccurate result of the record not being filed in the court.

Questions about divorce records in Oklahoma can be directed to:
Oklahoma State Department of Health
Vital Records Service
1000 Northeast 10th, Room 117
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Phone: (405) 271-4040
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm

Divorce Records And Oklahoma Law
According to Oklahoma law, the state must record divorces along with other vital statistics such as births, deaths and marriages. Oklahoma divorce records are open to anyone as they are considered to be on the public record. The exception for this access is any record that is prohibited for public viewing by a court order. Another possible restriction when viewing some dissolution of marriage records in Oklahoma is that details such as property settlements, child custody agreements and alimony may not be accessible, depending on the county and case file.