South Dakota Divorce Records

How To Access South Dakota Divorce Records
The South Dakota Department of Health, Office of Vital Records, is the main repository for statewide divorce record access. Both informational and certified copies of South Dakota divorce records are available. Certified divorce record copies are printed on security paper and have a raised seal.

The certified type of copy is for the individuals named on the certificate, members of their immediate families and authorized agencies or legal representatives. Certified copies are typically used for identification in obtaining government benefits. You may also need a certified copy of your dissolution of marriage document as legal proof of divorce if you apply for a future marriage certificate.

South Dakota Divorce Decree

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Informational copies of a South Dakota divorce record are not to be used for identification or legal purposes. They are issued to persons not eligible for certified copies of South Dakota divorce records, but who want information about a certain dissolution of marriage that took place in this state. The words “For informational purposes only” appear across this type of South Dakota divorce record copy to ensure it is not used as identification or benefit application purposes.

The professional search boxes on this page can guide you into obtaining official copies of either informational or certified divorce records in South Dakota the fast, secure and easy way. Just follow the prompts to get started.

Contact And Fee Information For South Dakota Divorce Records

Accessing South Dakota divorce records directly from state offices and courts yourself can take a lot of time and effort on your part. A faster, safe and extremely affordable alternative is to use our professional South Dakota divorce record services right here, right now. In many cases, acces to a divorce record in South Dakota only takes a few mintues and we are here 24/7 at your service. In our professional capacity, we can access the official records from the official sources very quickly and efficiently.

The fees set by the South Dakota Department of Health for either a certified or informational copy of a divorce record is $15. Skip the weeks of snail mail waiting it typically takes to get a divorce record and simply start filling in the search boxes you see on this page right now.

We obtain South Dakota divorce records officially from:
South Dakota Department of Health
Office of Vital Records
207 E Missouri Ave., #1A
Pierre, SD 57501

Divorce Records And South Dakota Law

According to law, ARSD 44:69:06:02, either informational or certified copies of South Dakota divorce records are issued depending upon the eligibility credentials of the requestor. The requestor is also legally required to pay a small fee for searching for a divorce record in South Dakota, with the informational or certified copy of the document provided in cases where records are found. A legible photocopy of your photo ID as the records requestor, such as a driver’s license, Visa, passport or military identificaton, should accompany your request. Instead of picture indentification, photocopies of two other ID pieces may be used such as a Social Security card, bank statement, detailed paycheck stub or a utility bill containing your current address.

As the requestor of a South Dakota divorce record, you must also provide at least the full names of both parties on the document. The county where the dissolution of marriage was granted as well as the date, at leasst within a five year span, should also be given, if possible. If you are unsure of the specific county in your South Dakota divorce records search, we can still help you in locating the record you seek. Just fill in the information you have into the secure, quick search boxes right on this page.