Vermont Divorce Records

How To Access Vermont Divorce Records
Certified copies of Vermont divorce records are issued by the state Department of Health, Vital Records Office. For the quickest possible access to the Vermont divorce record you need, our status as authorized records providers allows us to access your certificate from this office in just minutes in many cases. Simply use the search boxes you see on this page to get started.

The information you will need is at least the full names of both individuals on the Vermont divorce record you want to obtain. If you know the date this dissolution of marriage occurred or the county in which it was granted, you should include this information as well.

Contact And Fee Information For Vermont Divorce Records
The Vermont Department of Health’s current fee for a certified copy of a divorce certificate is $10. If you don’t require a certified Vermont divorce certificate copy for legal purposes such as applying for state benefits or as proof of dissolution of marriage to be issued a marriage license, you can request a free verification. This verification from the Vital Records Office of the Vermont Department of Health will only confirm that a divorce is on file in the state though and in which county the event occurred.

Vermont Divorce Decree

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Certified copies of Vermont divorce records are much more useful to have as they are considered legal documents in most situations, whereas a verification alone does not have any merit in the law. When requesting either a verification or a certificate copy, you must specify your relationship to either of the parties on the divorce record as well as your reason for requiring the information.

As authorized Vermont divorce record providers, we can guide you through the process of accessing your official dissolution of marriage data quickly and securely. Just start filling out the secure, fast search boxes you see right on this page.

We obtain Vermont divorce records officially from:
Vermont Department of Health
Vital Records Office
PO Box 70
108 Cherry St.
Burlington, VT 05402-0070

Divorce Records And Vermont Law
In Vermont, a key legal element to keep in mind when requesting divorce records is your “intended use of certificate.” This means that you must state the reason you require a copy of Vermont divorce records to satisfy the legal attention given to “proof of divorce, personal use or other.” If you require legal “proof of divorce,” a certified certificate rather than just verification will be needed. Personal use usually means that a certified copy of a Vermont divorce record is not required.

During divorce proceedings in Vermont, the dissolution of marriage certificate is filed with the court. Once the divorce decree is finalized, which typically takes about 3 months, the Vermont court clerk will sign and send the certificate to the state Department of Health. After 5 years, Vermont divorce records are then moved to the State Archives and Records Administration. As official records providers, we are able to help you in locating the exact Vermont divorce record you are seeking at any stage of the legal process. Use the simple, secure search boxes you see on this page to get started now.