Wisconsin Divorce Records

How To Access Wisconsin Divorce Records
The Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Vital Records Office, in Madison maintains and issues divorce certificates in both certified and uncertified versions. Certified copies of Wisconsin divorce records are printed on security paper, while uncertified copies are photocopied on plain paper. Both divorce certificate types inlcude the names of the two parties, the date the dissolution of marriage was granted and the county where the event occurred.

But, certified copies are usually required for legal purposes for persons named on the document or their immediate families such as applying for state benefits or a new marriage certificate. If you don’t want to wait about 4 weeks for snail mail for your certified Wisconsin divorce record, or 3 months for your uncertified copy, or don’t live in Madison to visit the state office in person, there is a better option available to you.

We are an authorized vendor of official Wisconsin divorce records from the official state office. The search boxes you see right here on this page will guide you in helping to locate the exact record you’re seeking.

Wisconsin Divorce Decree

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Contact And Fee Information For Wisconsin Divorce Records
The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has currently set the fees for either a certified or uncertified copy of a divorce record at $20 each. Additional copies of the same divorce record ordered at the same time are $3 each. In accordance with Wisconsin law, the fees still apply whether or not the record is found. If the record is located, the fee includes your choice of a certified or uncertified copy.

We obtain Wisconsin divorce records officially from:
In person requests:
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Vital Records Office
1 West Wilson St., Room 158
Madison, WI
Mail requests:
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Vital Records Office
Divorce Record Applications
PO Box 309
Madison WI 53701-0309

Divorce Records And Wisconsin Law

Under the law, adequate information and a small fee must accompany a request for Wisconsin divorce records. It is also a part of Wisconsin state law that telphone orders are not permitted for vital records requests. A divorce records request must include the requestor’s signature. Certified copies of divorce records in Wisconsin are restricted to the parties named on the documents and their immediate families, including a spouse or domestic partner.

Anyone with the fee and required information may request an uncertified copy of a Wisconsin divorce record. Valid photo ID such as a driver’s license, work place identification or school card must be shown in person or presented in a legible photocopy. Proper identification is necessary in order to be permitted to have a request processed for all divorce records in Wisconsin. The correctly spelled full names of both parties should be included on the divorce certificate

When ordering Wisconsin divorce records, it’s also important to include the county where the divorce was granted as well as the date this took place, if known. If you are unsure of the date, it’s usually recommended to give a five year span of when the divorce was likely to have occurred. If this isn’t possible, you could choose between the date ranges of October 1, 1907 through 1935 and 1965 through 1978. Our professional search box system right on this page will walk you easily through the steps you need to look for the exact Wisconin divorce record you want.